ECCE releases its first impact investment study

Investment Study
Sustainable & Impact Investing

On 20 June 2013, ECCE Fellow Prof. Dr. Harry Hummels and Alexander Röntgen presented the results of an impact scan. The scan involves and investment by DOEN Foundation in an American startup, called Ecovative Design. This startup aims to replace environmentally detrimental Styrofoam with a 100% bio-degradeble Mycelium solution. For more information, download the report here.

This publication comes to you in a digital format, specially designed for you to make reading easy on a portable device, like a tablet or notebook computer. So, now there is no need anymore to print the publication – something that is aligned with the core message of the study you are about to read and of its key stakeholders. You save a few trees and still find pleasure in reading this document by simply scrolling the pages.

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